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We are placing additional emphasis on live interactive demonstrations this year. Demonstrations should showcase the research so that non-SaTC experts also may appreciate and understand their significance. We hope to use the demonstration session as a starting point for this R&D showcase. We strongly encourage PIs to participate, particularly those with projects that are in their third or fourth year. Please note space is limited to 30 demonstrations.

Each demonstration will be provided a 42" table stand monitor with HDMI and VGA cabling, electricity, WiFi service, a 6' table, and two chairs. Demonstration participants will be able to place their project poster on an easel (that will be provided) at the designated demonstration site. Demonstration participants are responsible for any additional AV and other equipment beyond that being provided by the organizers. The demonstration sessions should remain set up for both days. The programmed presentation timing of the demonstrations will occur during the same time as that for the poster sessions.

If your demonstration involves a tool, please be sure to note this on the webform.

Please submit the webform below to register your demonstration. The program committee will contact you to confirm your demonstration.