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Meeting attendees are encouraged, but not required, to submit a poster. All awards, even if part of a collaborative award, are welcome to prepare posters subject to space constraints. Collaborative awards (multi-institution, each with unique award numbers) can submit a single joint poster covering the entire project if desired. The PI of the lead institution is responsible for ensuring that each aspect of the research is covered. If you are a PI with multiple active projects, you will have the opportunity to submit artifacts for up to four projects. Please note that you will still need to bring your physical poster to the SaTC PI meeting. These uploaded posters are for use by NSF and the organizing committees.

The poster templates can be found here:

Please submit your poster(s) no later than Monday, May 2, 2022.

Project One Information
The file MUST be submitted in PDF format. Please refer to the format of the Poster Template which can be found at
Supported file formats: mp4/mov
Please let us know if you have a preference for when you present your poster.