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Workshops and Webinars

International Workshop on Science of Smart City Operations and Platforms Engineering (SCOPE)
This workshop series explores provisions in existing and planned smart city deployments and addresses the challenges critical to integrating humans, physical components and computers in cyber-physical systems at smart city scale.

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Columbus, OH to host Smart City Hackathon to leverage data hub
The City of Columbus, Ohio hosted a three-day Smart City Hackathon in May 2018. Developers were given open data to try to solve transportation problems in the city.

4th International Workshop on Cyber-Physical Systems for Smart Water Networks (CySWater 2018)
Held as part of the CPS Week 2018, CySWater 2018 aspires to both steer the research and engineering questions, as well as to solicit solutions, based on CPS's for addressing the problem of water crisis.

NSF Smart & Connected Communities Program Webinar (January 2018)
The NSF S&CC program hosted a webinar on January 4, 2018 from 3-4 PM EST to discuss the cross-directorate program and its most recent solicitation.

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Social Justice and Equity in the Engineering of Smart and Connected Communities Workshop Report 
Communities are expected to provide for the needs, economic prosperity, and well- being of their citizens while managing the challenges of population growth, aging, and resource scarcity. This report shows how the Smart and Connected Communities (S&CC) initiative meets these challenges.

National Workshop on Developing a Research Agenda for Connected Rural Communities Report 
The University of Virginia convened a national workshop to define overarching challenges, explore opportunities, develop collaborations, and build strategies toward a research agenda to advance quality of life in under-connected rural communities.

The Smart/Connected City and its Implications for Connected Transportation
This white paper describes smart/connected cities and outlines their potential for interfacing with the emerging connected transportation environment. This paper describes such an environment in terms of a smart/connected city.

Smart Cities and Communities Federal Strategic Plan: Exploring Innovation Together
The Smart Cities and Communities Task Force developed this draft report which was released for public comment. 

Global City Teams Challenge (GCTC)

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The Global Cities Team Challenge (GCTC) was launched by NIST in 2014 to encourage collaboration among those building smart city/community solutions. The challenge's long-term goal is "to establish and demonstrate replicable, scalable, and sustainable models for incubation and deployment of interoperable, standard-based solutions using advanced technologies such as IoT and CPS, and demonstrate their measurable benefits in communities and cities."

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