Visible to the public HotSoS 2014 Posters

2014 Symposium and Bootcamp on the Science of Security (HotSoS) - Poster Presentations

Diversity based detection of Security Anomalies
Author(s): Roopak Venkatakrishnan, Mladen A Vouk

Examining Reliability of Wireless Multihop Networks with Linear Systems
Author(s): Trisha Biswas

Access Control Policy Evolution: An Empirical Study
Author(s): JeeHyun Hwang, Laurie Williams, and Mladen Vouk

An Analysis of Fedora Security Profile
Author(s): Shweta Subramani, Mladen Vouk and Laurie Williams

Improving Mobile Application Security via Bridging User Expectations and Application Behaviors
Author(s): Wei Yang, Xusheng Xiao, Rahul Pandita, William Enck, Tao Xie

Type-Specific Languages to Fight Injection Attacks
Author(s): Darya Kurilova, Cyrus Omar, Ligia Nistor, Benjamin Chung, Alex Potanin, and Jonathan Aldrich

Cybersecurity Dynamics
Author(s): Shouhuai Xu

Emergent Behavior in Cybersecurity
Author(s): Shouhuai Xu

Building the Security Behavior Observatory: An Infrastructure for Long-term Monitoring of Client Machines
Author(s): Alain Forget, Saranga Komanduri, Alessandro Acquisti, Nicolas Christin, Lorrie Faith Cranor, Rahul Telang

Evidence-Based Trust Reasoning
Author(s): Jingwei Huang and David M. Nicol

InViz: Instant Visualization of Security Attacks
Author(s): Lucas Layman, Nico Zazworka

Securing Hadoop in Cloud
Author(s): Xianqing Yu, Peng Ning, Mladen A. Vouk

Channel Correlation Modeling for Link Signature Security Assessment
Author(s): Xiaofan He, Huaiyu Dai, Wenbo Shen, Peng Ning

Personalized Password Guessing: a New Security Threat
Author(s): Phuong Cao

Preemptive Intrusion Detection
Author(s): Phuong Cao, Key-whan Chung, Zbigniew Kalbarczyk, Ravishankar Iyer, Adam J. Slagell

American and Indian Conceptualization of Phishing
Author(s): Rucha Tembe, Kyung Wha Hong, Xi Ge, Christopher B. Mayhorn, Emerson Murphy-Hill and Christopher M. Kelley

Limiting Recertification in Highly Configurable Systems. Analyzing Interactions and Isolation among Configuration Options
Author(s): Christian Kastner, Jurgen Pfeffer

Modeling and sensing risky user behavior based on mobile devices
Author(s): Qian Liu, Juhee Bae, Benjamin Watson, Anne McLaughlin and William Enck

Integration of Security Pattern Selection Practices with Pattern Storage
Author(s): Jean-Michel Lehker, Rocky Slavin, and Jianwei Niu

Secure-by-Construction Composable Componentry for Network Processing
Author(s): Lisa Durbeck, Peter Athanas, Nicholas Macias

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