Visible to the public SoS Lablet Reports

Visible to the public 


Quarterly reports are due to the NSA on the 10th of the month following the close of the quarter. Annual reports are due 30 days after the close of the year.

2017 Due Dates

  • January 10th
  • April 10th
  • May 15th (annual report covering April 2016 - present)
  • August 15th - Please include the month of July in this reporting period.

Points of Contact
Stephanie Yannacci - Contracting Officer Representative
Heather Lucas - SoS Virtual Organization Lead

Getting started

Each Lablet has a designated menu tab where new reports will be initialized and previous reports can be found. New reports will be initialized by the business manager.

Entering & Editing Reports:

  • Navigate to your Lablets menu tab
  • Use the filters to find your report
  • Click on the report title
  • Review the report content
  • Select [EDIT] from the menu located just above the content
  • Enter details in the appropriate text areas
  • Review 'Vocabularies' to ensure the correct quarter has been selected and the correct hard problems have been identified
  • Change the 'Document Master' to the next person in the workflow*
  • Enter a log message (These are included in the notification emails that are sent out as well as the report's revision history)
  • Save

*Each Lablet may determine the workflow suits them best. The report is passed to the next person in the workflow by changing the document master.

Detailed tutorial instructions may be found here.

Adding Publications:

  • Select Create Bibliographic Reference from the Collaborate toggle menu within the Lablet Reporting Group
  • Select the publication type from the dropdown menu
  • Enter publication details into the required fields
    Note: Author fields can be found near the bottom of the page in the vertical menu tabs
  • Save

Select the [Publications] menu tab to see recently posted publications.

Detailed tutorial instructions may be found here.