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The group documents several of the most mature verification tools available to the cyber-physcial systems community (most are free for academia).  The site consists of a search engine that suggest specific tools for various types of problems (, as well as a wiki ( that may be perused.  

In addition to resources pages for each individual tool cataloged here, the wiki also contains reference pages that describe the terminology used on the search page.  

These wiki pages use the "freelinking" syntax described at  (NOTE to Group Managers/Moderators:  When the mouse is over the main content at, you should see a faint grey [Edit node] link in the top left corner of the wiki page's content.  Select that link to edit the main wiki page.) 

Additionally, each individual tool is annotated by metadata that comes from several pre-defined "taxonomies".  It is these taxonomies that are used when searching for candidate tools along certain problem dimensions.  The search engine relies on two site-wide "global" taxonomies (viz. "TOPICS" & "DOCUMENT TYPE").  For a tool to show up in the search, it must be tagged with both a) "Validation and Verification" and b) the "Tool" term under those two respective taxonomies.  In addition to those two global taxonomies, this group has defined several custom taxonomies that only apply to content within this group (e.g. "VERIFICATION TOOLS: SYSTEM TYPE").  

Group managers may maintain/evolve these local group taxonomies by selecting the light gray [TAXONOMY] admin button at the top of any web page within this group (or:  Users have to be declared as a "group manager", however, before this option of managing taxonomies becomes available to them (i.e. anonymous users & regular group 'members' will not have permissions to change the group's taxonomies).