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A Curated Dataset of Security Defects in Scientific Software Projects
Justin Murphy, Elias T. Brady, Shazibul Islam Shamim, and Akond Rahman
Tennessee Technological University

A Preliminary Taxonomy of Techniques Used in Software Fuzzing
Raunak Shakya & Akond Rahman
Tennessee Tech University

A Raspberry Pi Sensor Network for Wildlife Conservation
Andrew Arnold, Paul Corapi, Michael Nasta, Kevin Wolgast, Thomas A. Babbitt
United States Military Academy

Accelerating Block Propogation in PoW Blockchain Networks with Pipelining and Chunking (PiChu)
Kaushik Ayinala, Baek-Young Choi, and Sejun Song
University of Missouri

An Infrastructure for Faithful Execution of Remote Attestation Protocols
Adam Petz
University of Kansas

An seL4-based Architecture for Layered Attestation
Grant Jurgensen, Michael Neises, and Perry Alexander
University of Kansas

An Uncertain Graph-based Approach for Cyber-security Risk Assessment
Hoang Hai Nguyen
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Application of the Armament Cyber Assessment Framework
Aidan McCarthy, Liam Furey, Keagan Smith, Daniel Hawthorne, and Raymond Blaine
The United States Military Academy

Building a Conceptual Framework for Ethical Hacking
Danielle Alexandre, Rebecca Labitt, and Asher Rodriguez
Simmons University

Decentralized Backup and Recovery of TOTP Secrets
Conor Gilsenan, Noura Alomar, and Andrew Huang
University of California, Berkeley

Do Configuration Management Tools Make Systems More Secure? An Empirical Research Plan
Md Rayhanur Rahman, William Enck, and Laurie Williams
North Carolina State University

Exploiting DRAM Bank Mapping and HugePages for Effective Denial-of-Service Attacks on Shared Cache in Multicore
Michael Bechtel and Heechul Yun
University of Kansas

How to Swap Instructions Midstream: An Embedding Algorithm for Program Steganography
Ryan Gabrys, Luis Martinez, and Sunny Fugate
Naval Information Warfare Center

Improving Architectures for Automating Network Security Using Specification-Based Protocols
Khir Henderson and Kevin Kornegay
Morgan State University

Resilient Multi-Robot Target Pursuit
*Jiani Li, *Waseem Abbas, *Xenofon Koutsoukos, and **Mudassir Shabbir
*Vanderbilt University and **Information Technology University

Time Series Anomaly Detection in Medical Break The Glass
Qais Tasali, Nikesh Gyawali, and Eugene Y. Vasserman
Kansas State University

Tokens Of Interaction: Psycho-physiological Signals, A Potential Source of Evidence of Digital Incidents
Nancy Mogire
University of Hawaii at Manoa

Toward Just-in-Time Patching for Containerized Applications
Olufogorehan Tunde-Onadele, Yuhang Lin, Jingzhu He, and Xiaohui Gu
North Carolina State University

Using Intel SGX to Improve Private Neural Network Training and Inference
Ryan Karl, Jonathan Takeshita, Taeho Jung
University of Notre Dame

Vulnerability Trends in Web Servers and Browsers
*M S Raunak, **Richard Kuhn, *Richard Kogut, and **Raghu Kacker
*Loyola University and **National Institute of Standards and Technology