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    Visible to the public IWoCPS-2015

    International Workshop on Cyber Physical Systems (IWoCPS-2015)

    4th Edition,

    in conjunction with CSCS20: The 20th International Conference on Control Systems and Computer Science

    28-29 May 2015, Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers, Bucharest, Romania

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    Visible to the public Cyber-Physical-Systems - Driver for Innovation and Knowledge

    Location: Romanian Accademy, Aula of the Library of the Romanian Accademy

    Date and time: 26.09.2014, 13.00 PM

    Organized by:
    Romanian Ministery of National Education, Higher Education, Scientific Research and Technological Development in collaboration with The Romanian Accademy and The Romanian Accademy of Technical Sciences

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    Visible to the public Conclusions after IWOCPS 3.

    The third International Workshop - IWOCPS 3 took place on the 29-30th of May 2014, addressing theoretical, methodological and technological aspects in the field of Cyber-Physical Systems.