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Thank you for you interest in volunteering for Music CIty BEST competition.

There are multiple ways to volunteer: team mentoring, competition judging, and hub team involvement. Below is a description of each of these opportunities. Please submit an inquiry request and indicate what activity interests you.

Team Mentoring

Teams from across the metroplex work for 6 weeks to design and built robots using the engineering design process. Each team has a very dedicated teacher and/or key mentor guiding the team. Some teams meet during school, while others meet after school and possibly on weekends. Team mentors work with the teams to guide them throughout the design process. If you enjoy working with students and shaping the creative process, please consider this volunteer opportunity.

Competition Judging

Judging begins on Tuesday of game week and runs through the Saturday game day.

Game Week Tuesday - Friday

Judging scores for these items are submitted remotely.
  • Notebook judging - scoring of the team engineering notebooks. Game knowledge is not necessary, only knowledge of good engineering processes.
  • Website judging - scoring team's websites

Game Week Friday - Saturday

  • Marketing presentation judging - each team will present their product and brand to judges. Judges can choose to assist on Friday only or also be available on game day.

Game Day (Saturday)

  • Game referees - these volunteers are involved in monitoring the game and verifying rules are met during each round.
  • Team exhibits judging - interviews teams at their exhibits to learn more about how they brought their product to market. Most of the judges will be needed in this role.
  • Spirit and sportsmanship judging - these judges take in the excitement level of the students and how they work together with other teams to promote the competition.
  • Robot design, team and teacher/mentor awards judging - there are several special awards to celebrate successes and hard effort in engineering design and team management.
  • Robot Compliance Check - examines the team robots to verify it mets the rules.
  • Team Check-in Table - lines up the next round of teams to keep the competition moving forward.

Hub Team Volunteer

Pulling together this competition takes a team with various skills in coordination and promotion. Music City BEST has the benefit of collaboration with Lipscomb University Engineering Department, who provide key portions of the coordination efforts. We also have several members from different industries around Nashville. Meetings occur once a month most of the year with more activities occuring around the event dates (Kickoff, Practice and Game Days). If you are interested in joining the hub team, please let us know.

What volunteer opportunity interests you
Game Week Judging
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Notebook Judging
Website Judging
Marketing Presentation Judging
Game Referees
Team Exhibits Judging
Robot Design, Team and Teacher/Mentor Awards Judging
Spirit and Sportsmanship
Robot Compliance Check
Team Check-in Table
Hub Team