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April 14, 2014 | Hosted at CPSWeek in Berlin, Germany

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The Medical CPS workshop provides a forum for the presentation of research and development covering all aspects of high integrity medical devices, software, and systems, which is essential to support innovative, networked medical device systems to improve safety and efficiency in health care. The past four workshops have enjoyed a healthy participation of 35-40 attendees, and have provided a working forum for medical device specialists, including researchers, developers, and caregivers, from clinical environments, industry, research laboratories, academia, and government with the goal of advancing science, technology, and practice to overcome crucial issues with medical devices, software, and systems and challenges facing the design, manufacture, certification, and use of medical devices. This year, the workshop will feature medical device and clinical experts from the EU.


The topics to be covered in the workshop will range across all aspects of medical device software modeling and synthesis for safety, assurance, security and control, including but not limited to:

  • Foundations for Integration of Medical Device Systems/Models
  • Enabling Technologies for Future Medical Devices
  • Distributed Control & Sensing of Networked Medical Device Systems
  • Medical Device Plug-and-Play Ecosystem
  • Patient Modeling & Simulation
  • Embedded, Real-Time, Networked System Infrastructures for HCMDSS
  • High Confidence Medical Device Software Development & Assurance
  • Medical Practice-driven Models and Requirements
  • Certification of HCMDSS and MD PnP


  • Volker Turau Hamburg Universtity of Technology
  • Marta Kwiatkowska University of Oxford
  • Rahul Mangharam University of Pennsylvania


  • Julian M. Goldman, MD Mass. General Hospital
  • Paul Jones U.S. Food & Drug Admin. (FDA)
  • Insup Lee (Chair) University of Pennsylvania
  • Sandy Weininger U.S. Food & Drug Admin. (FDA)


  • Martin Leucker, University of Lubeck, Germany
  • Maria Linden, Maladalen University, Sweden
  • Vasiliki Sfyrla, Viseo Research and Development, France
  • Dominique Mery, LORIA, France
  • Christain Renner, University of Lubeck, Germany
  • Jose Maria Fernandes, IEETA, Portugal
  • Sibylle Schupp, TUHH, Germany
  • Alena Simalatsar, EPFL, Switzerland
  • Stefan Fischer, University of Lubeck, Germany
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Berlin, Germany