Visible to the public Automotive CPS Workshops

The goal of this workshop series is to continue to define and refine the technology needs and gaps for deeply-embedded software-intensive electronic control systems that interact deeply with the physical world in ways that have stringent reliability, availability, and safety requirements



Visible to the public A Unified Approach for Active Safety in Automotive Cyber Physical Systems

This position paper discusses limitations of the current automotive transportation active safety systems. A system approach can address all levels (the driver, the vehicle,and the traffic) of interconnection between machine, computer and human by leading to incorporating interactions and heterogeneity of different physical layers in a unified framework. The resulting analytical and computational infrastructure, with applications in crash avoidance and traffic flow management, is then discussed.


Visible to the public Safety & Architecture: Engineering Systems and Systems of Systems

The two foci of this submission are: i. Component-based engineering versus architecture driven engineering ii. Safety and Functional Safety is a Requirement


Visible to the public 2011 Automotive CPS Workshop Agenda

Program Agenda for the 2011 Workshop on Developing Dependable and Secure Automotive Cyber-Physical Systems from Components.