Visible to the public S5 2014

The Air Force Research Laboratory, Aerospace Systems Directorate, Autonomous Control Branch (AFRL/RQQA) will be hosting the 5th annual Safe and Secure Systems and Software Symposium (S5) on 10, 11 and 12 June 2014 in Dayton, Ohio. Please mark your calendars!

The Safe and Secure Systems and Software Symposium focuses on bringing together academic, industry, and government parties concerned with the safety and security of highly complex or autonomous safety critical systems. The test and evaluation, verification and validation of autonomous systems has been highlighted in several government strategic documents as the limiting factor for enabling future highly complex and autonomous systems for military and civilian use. Both the Department of Defense and the Air Force Research Laboratory highlighted a common need to identify the challenges in enabling higher levels of autonomy. Common to both the DoD and AFRL initiatives is the need to identify technologies enabling the Test, Evaluation, Verification & Validation (TEV&V) of autonomy.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Janet Malone at or Ashley Kelly at .

IMPORTANT: We are nearing the end of the approval process for S5, but are hopeful it will be approved within the next couple weeks. Please do not book any travel arrangements-this is simply a Save the Date email. An email with the registration website and additional information/details will be sent out as soon as we have approval. Similar to 2012, there is no registration fee associated with the S5 event.