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The Second International Workshop on Parallelism in Mobile Platforms (PRISM-2)

In conjunction with the 41st International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA-41)

June 14, 2014
Minneapolis, MN, USA

- Extended abstract submission (2 pages) March 31, 2014
- Author notification April 24, 2014
- Final camera-ready paper (2 pages or more) June 4, 2014
- Workshop June 14, 2014

One of the most important principles in designing todaydegs computing systems is to exploit parallelism. Mobile platforms are no exception and we find increasingly more instances of the use of parallelism in them. At the hardware level, there are: multiple processor cores, GPGPU, accelerators, multiple banks of memory, multiple channels to non-volatile memory chips, and multiple radios, to name a few. At the software level, parallel and concurrent threading techniques are commonly employed to improve responsiveness and throughput in the OS and applications alike. We anticipate that future mobile platforms will make more extensive and creative use of parallelism.

This workshop focuses on how parallelism is, and can be, utilized in hardware, software and their interaction in order to improve the user experiences with mobile platforms. Topics of particular interest include, but are not limited to:

- Emerging parallel application processor architectures and hardware features in mobile platforms;
- Compelling future applications on mobile platforms that call for unprecedented parallelism;
- Mobile GPGPU architectures and programming models;
- Hardware accelerators for mobile applications;
- Storage architectures in mobile platforms;
- Radio and networking architectures in mobile platforms;
- Compiler support for parallel mobile platforms;
- OS support to accommodate and promote parallelism in mobile platforms;
- Experiences in parallel mobile applications development;
- Novel techniques to improve responsiveness by exploiting parallelism;
- Novel techniques to improve performance/energy by exploiting parallelism;
- Mobile platform performance evaluation methodologies;
- Application benchmarks for mobile platforms;
- Characterization of emerging workloads on mobile platforms; and
- Impact and interaction of emerging technologies to mobile platforms

The workshop aims at providing a forum for researchers, engineers and students from academia and industry to discuss their latest research in designing mobile platforms and systems, to bring their ideas and research problems to the attention of others, and to obtain valuable and instant feedback from fellow researchers.

Submit a 2-page presentation abstract to a web-based submission system (TBA) by March 31, 2014. Notification of acceptance will be sent out by April 24, 2014. Final presentation material (to be posted on the workshop web site) due June 4, 2014. For additional information regarding paper submissions, please contact the organizers.

Sangyeun Cho, Samsung Electronics and Univ. of Pittsburgh
Hyesoon Kim, Georgia Tech.
Hsien-Hsin Lee, Georgia Tech.
Giho Park, Sejong Univ