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Designed-In Security (DIS) is one of several research themes identified in the NITRD report, Trustworthy Cyberspace: Strategic Plan for the Federal Cybersecurity R&D Program. The focus of DIS is on enabling engineers to develop a system while simultaneously generating the assurance artifacts necessary to attest to the level of confidence in the system's capabilities to withstand attack. The technical focus is on the development of assurance-focused engineering practices, languages, models, reasoning systems, and tools.

An initial workshop was held that brought together representatives from industry -- primarily major software and hardware vendors -- as well as government and research. The workshop discussion focused on understanding in a more concrete way the challenges facing industry, identifying significant emerging best practices, and developing a set of hard research problems most urgently in need of solution. The workshop attendees considered practices and challenges for both software and hardware, and also identified business-case issues associated with the adoption or potential adoption of emerging techniques.

The three panelists will present the results of the workshop, focusing on software, hardware, and business case. Future workshops are planned, focusing on industry sectors that, unlike the vendors, must rely on complex supply chains to develop and operate mission systems.

In addition to the slide presentation see also the attached report from the July 2013 workshop.

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