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Resilience Week 2014 in Denver, CO, August 19 - 21

Resilience Week includes symposia dedicated to promising research in resilient systems that will protect cyber-physical infrastructures from unexpected and malicious threats - securing our way of life. This year adds a new symposium on resilient critical infrastructures to facilitate productive discussion of tools, technologies and policies for improving critical infrastructure resilience.

We have several renowned plenary and semi-plenary keynote speakers confirmed this year.

Plenary Keynotes

Ms. Rosemary Wenchel, Department of Homeland Security
Ms. Samara Moore, White House National Security Staff
Prof. Kevin Moore, Colorado School of Mines

Semi-Plenary Keynotes

Dr. Michael VanPutte, MOD-2
Dr. Bill Sanders, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Prof. Lynne Parker, University of Tennessee
Dr. Jalal Mapar, Department of Homeland Security
Prof. Stephen Flynn, Northeastern University
Dr. Robert Laddaga, DARPA
Prof. Nancy Leveson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dr. Christopher Wickens, Alion Science and Technology

In addition to paper presentations, there will be a number of invited presentations and a plenary panel discussion on Thursday with panelists from all symposia. Please refer to the website for the most recently updated Resilience Week information, including agenda, speakers and special sessions.

There are five symposia this year focusing on Control, Cognitive, Cyber and Communication Systems and Critical Infrastructure. The paper submission deadline for Resilient Critical Infrastructure is still open. For consideration of late submissions to others, please contact associated symposium chair.

7th International Symposium on Resilient Control Systems
2nd International Symposium on Resilient Cognitive Systems
2nd International Symposium on Resilient Cyber Systems
2nd International Symposium on Resilient Communication Systems
1st National Symposium on Resilient Critical Infrastructure

Early Registration ends July 11. Click here to take advantage of the early registration fee.

Become a sponsor by clicking here and enjoy the following benefits:

Diamond ($7500): includes three free registrations, two booths and reception sponsor
Platinum ($5000): includes three free registrations and two booths
Gold ($3000): includes two free registrations and a booth
Silver ($2000): includes one free registration and a booth

Resilience Week will be held at Grand Hyatt Denver and we have negotiated a reduced rate for attendees. You can find additional hotel information on the Resilience Week website by clicking here. We encourage all our attendees to stay at our host hotel.

We look forward to seeing you in Denver!

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