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Forget, Alain, Komanduri, Saranga, Acquisti, Alessandro, Christin, Nicolas, Cranor, Lorrie, Telang, Rahul.  2014.  Building the Security Behavior Observatory: An Infrastructure for Long-term Monitoring of Client Machines. IEEE Symposium and Bootcamp on the Science of Security (HotSoS) 2014.

We present an architecture for the Security Behavior Observatory
(SBO), a client-server infrastructure designed to
collect a wide array of data on user and computer behavior
from hundreds of participants over several years. The SBO
infrastructure had to be carefully designed to fulfill several
requirements. First, the SBO must scale with the desired
length, breadth, and depth of data collection. Second, we
must take extraordinary care to ensure the security of the
collected data, which will inevitably include intimate participant
behavioral data. Third, the SBO must serve our
research interests, which will inevitably change as collected
data is analyzed and interpreted. This short paper summarizes
some of our design and implementation benefits and
discusses a few hurdles and trade-offs to consider when designing
such a data collection system.