Visible to the public 3rd International Workshop on Quantitative Aspects in Security Assurance (QASA) 2014

There is an increasing demand for techniques to deal with quantitative aspects of security assurance at several levels of the development life-cycle of systems & services, e.g., from requirements elicitation to run-time operation and maintenance. The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners interested in these research topics with a particular emphasis techniques for service oriented architectures. The scope of the workshop, is intended to be broad, including aspects as dependability, privacy, risk, and trust.

The list of topics includes, but it is not limited to:

  • Probabilistic/stochastic model checking
  • Quantitative information flow analysis
  • Quantitative issues in access and usage control
  • Security testing techniques
  • Static/Dynamic code analysis techniques
  • Metrics for security, trust and privacy
  • Incremental/modular security assurance analysis
  • Process compliance assurance techniques
  • Tool support for quantitative techniques for security assurance
  • Simulation techniques
  • Model-driven techniques for security, trust, risk and privacy
  • Assurance cases modelling and analysis


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Wroclaw, Poland
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