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The third International Workshop on Cyber Physical Systems - IWoCPS 3 took place on the 29-30th of May 2014, addressing theoretical, methodological and technological aspects in the field of Cyber-Physical Systems.

The aim is to stimulate research that will lead to the creation of responsive environments for networking and, at longer-term, the development of Cyber Physical Systems. We envision that the cyber-physical systems of tomorrow will far exceed those of today in terms of adaptability, autonomy, efficiency, functionality, reliability, safety, and usability. Research advances in cyber-physical systems promise to transform our world with systems that respond more quickly (e.g., autonomous collision avoidance), are more precise, work in dangerous or inaccessible environments (e.g., autonomous systems for search and rescue, firefighting, and exploration), provide large-scale, distributed coordination (e.g., automated traffic control), are highly efficient (e.g., zero-net energy buildings), augment human capabilities, and enhance societal wellbeing (e.g., assistive technologies and ubiquitous healthcare monitoring and delivery).

Workshop General Chair

Ioan Dumitrache
Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania

Florin Filip
Romanian Academy

International Program Committee

Doina Banciu (RO) Georgi Dimirovski (MK) Radu Enache (RO)
Adina Magda Florea (RO) Radu Marculescu (USA) Gheorghe Stefan (RO)
Horia Teodorescu (RO) Dan Tufis (RO) Mihail Voicu (RO)


Romanian Academy. Information Science and Technology Section
Romanian Society of Control Engineering and Technical Informatics
Ministry of Communication
IEEE Romanian Section

Event Details
Romanian Academy, Bucharest, Romania
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