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Publications of Interest

The Publications of Interest section contains bibliographical citations, abstracts if available and links on specific topics and research problems of interest to the Science of Security community.

These bibliographies include recent scholarly research on topics which have been presented or published within the past year. The specific topics are selected from materials that have been peer reviewed and presented at SoS conferences or referenced in current work. The topics are also chosen for their usefulness for current researchers. Some represent updates from work presented in previous years, others are new topics.

Researchers willing to share their work are welcome to submit a citation, abstract, and URL for consideration and posting, and to identify additional topics of interest to the community. Researchers are also encouraged to share this request with their colleagues and collaborators.

Send submissions to: research (at)



Articles listed on these pages have been found on publicly available internet pages and are cited with links to those pages. Some of the information included herein has been reprinted with permission from the authors or data repositories. Direct any requests via Email to SoS.Project (at) for removal of the links or modifications to specific citations. Please include the ID# of the specific citation in your correspondence.