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NC State Lablet Activities

The following is a brief summary of recent activities by the North Carolina State University Lablet as reported in the SoS Quarterly Summary Report.

Fundamental Research

  • NCSU has presented several significant research efforts, which feature developments in understanding Resilient Architectures, mental models of varyingly skilled computer users, preventing phishing attacks through Google Chrome extension, and the human errors in open-source software. Recommendations were made for enforcing policies on network traffic in large networks, while a particular study on smart isolation strove to understand the principles and limitations of isolation and existing isolation techniques.

Community Interaction

  • NCSU facilitated various workshops, including a kick-off workshop for the International Research Network for the Science of Security during Hot-SoS, as well as a summer workshop for PI's and NCSU students. Guidelines for the design of defensible SoS research projects are currently under development, as well as guidelines for reporting SoS research results.


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For more information about NCSU Lablet activities go to North Carolina State University


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