Visible to the public Cyber-Physical-Systems - Driver for Innovation and Knowledge

Location: Romanian Accademy, Aula of the Library of the Romanian Accademy

Date and time: 26.09.2014, 13.00 PM

Organized by:
Romanian Ministery of National Education, Higher Education, Scientific Research and Technological Development in collaboration with The Romanian Accademy and The Romanian Accademy of Technical Sciences

Event objective:
The inauguration / organization / set in motion / debut of the National Program for Research and Development in the area of Cyber-Physical-Systems (RO - R&D - CPS) with real impact on economic development of the country.

Topics of debate:
* integration of computers, communications and management strategies for real time physical and business processes in complex systems known as Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS)
* CPS impact on quality of processes and products in the context of Internet of Things and Internet of Services
* research and development directions with real valence for interdisciplinary innovation
* applicability for such systems in product / process innovation, design and development
* training requirements for the next generation of specialists in the context of the industry, based on the concept of Cyber-Physical-Systems