Visible to the public Resilience and security in component-based software architectures for CPS

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Dec 15, 2019

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Cyber-Physical Systems are converging towards a component-oriented and platform-based implementation. The community-driven Robotic Operating Systems and the proprietary Residential Operating System (of Prodea) are just two examples that indicate this trend. We envision that the software of the CPS is frequently updated and reconfigured, yet it cannot be guaranteed that security vulnerabilities are completely absent in the deployed systems. Clearly, there is a need to incorporate appropriate security features in these platforms so that they exhibit the necessary resilience properties and continue providing services even if parts of the larger system are compromised. In this project we develop a model-driven approach to system architecting for these component-based CPS that results in analysis techniques to determine the resilience of the systems, and in synthesis techniques that assist with the implementation. Prototypes and experimental studies will provide the vehicle for evaluation.

Hard Problems Addressed:

  • Develop means to design and analyze system architectures that deliver required service in the face of compromised components
  • Formal and informal domain-specific modeling languages to represent properties of CPS relevant for resilience
  • Scalable and composable analysis approaches to determine the resilience metrics for the system of CPS against security attacks
  • Requirements for trustworthy and dependable component-based software platforms that provide support for resilience