Visible to the public Characterizations and boundaries of security requirements patterns

TitleCharacterizations and boundaries of security requirements patterns
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsSlavin, R., Hui Shen, Jianwei Niu
Conference NameRequirements Patterns (RePa), 2012 IEEE Second International Workshop on
Date PublishedSept
Keywordsboundaries, characterizations, CMU, Context, defining format, Guidelines, Human Behavior, Metrics, patterns, science of security, security, security aspects, security of data, security requirements, security requirements patterns, Silicon, software development life cycle, software engineering, Software systems, SoS Lablet, Unified modeling language

Very often in the software development life cycle, security is applied too late or important security aspects are overlooked. Although the use of security patterns is gaining popularity, the current state of security requirements patterns is such that there is not much in terms of a defining structure. To address this issue, we are working towards defining the important characteristics as well as the boundaries for security requirements patterns in order to make them more effective. By examining an existing general pattern format that describes how security patterns should be structured and comparing it to existing security requirements patterns, we are deriving characterizations and boundaries for security requirements patterns. From these attributes, we propose a defining format. We hope that these can reduce user effort in elicitation and specification of security requirements patterns.

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