Visible to the public CFP: Special Issue on “Machine 2 Machine Communications: Applications, Architectures and Protocols”

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Due to authors' requests, the submission deadline for the Special Issue-
Machine 2 Machine of TIIS has been extended to 11 September 2011.

Special Issue on "Machine 2 Machine Communications: Applications,
Architectures and Protocols"

KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems (indexed in SCI/JCR)

The next generation networks will have to support various communication
technologies and integrate different devices. M2M (Machine to Machine) which
covers various technologies, including sensing, communications, computing,
data processing and control technologies support diverse devices to commutate
with each other becomes an indispensable component for next generation
network, e.g. IoT (Internet of Thing) and cyber-physical systems. Nowadays,
M2M is widely applied to lots of applications and serves, even led to M2H
(Machine to Human) and M2S (Machine to System) in the future. On the other
hand, it illustrates the automatic end-to-end systems that provide smart and
convenient services to users. Therefore, this special issue aims to address a
variety of technical challenges and advanced solutions in the applications,
architectures and protocols of Machine 2 Machine communications.

This special issue will provide a widespread overview of the design and
development in applications, architectures and protocols in the field of the
Machine 2 Machine communications. This issue seeks original research papers to
provide timely information on this area. We accept only overview papers and
tutorial and survey-style papers describing novel ideas and technologies.
Specific topics include, but not limited to, the following:

- Network Architectures for M2M
- M2M Applications and System Developments
- Sensing, Computing, and Controlling Technologies for M2M
- M2M Communication Managements and Operations
- M2M Resource Managements
- Reliability, Security and Privacy for M2M
- M2M Communication Protocols
- M2M Spectrum Managements
- M2M in Vehicular Communications
- M2M in Smart Robots M2M in Home Networks
- M2M in Cyber-physical Systems
- M2M in Healthcare

Original, high quality contributions not yet published or not currently under
review by other journals or peer-reviewed conferences, are sought. All papers
should be submitted through the KSII Transactions on Internet and Information
Systems journal's manuscript submission menu in A copy
of the manuscript should also be emailed to the Guest Editor, Prof. Han-Chieh
Chao at as PDF file.

* Papers should be tutorial in nature and should be written in a way for
readers outside the specialty of the paper to understand very easily.
* Mathematical equations should not be used. For the necessary case only, 3~4
simple equations could be allowed.
* NO more than 5000 words are allowed but exceptionally page limitation is NOT
applied to survey papers.
* Figures and tables should be very clear and high resolution.
* Select the "Special Issue Paper-Machine 2 Machine Communications" in the
manuscript type menu of the ScholarOne manuscript submission system.

* Submission Deadline: September 11, 2011 (Extended)
* Review Results: October 31, 2011
* Publication: January, 2012

6. Guest Editors
* Han-Chieh Chao
Institute of Computer Science & Information Engineering
National Ilan University, Taiwan
* Sherali Zeadally
Department of Computer Science and Information Technology
University of the District of Columbia
Washington, DC 20008, USA
* Chin-Feng Lai
Institute of Computer Science & Information Engineering
National Ilan University, Taiwan