Visible to the public INCOSE Healthcare Working Group track at the MBSE Workshop

The Healthcare Working Group is sponsoring a track on systems engineering in healthcare at the annual MBSE workshop during INCOSE IW2105. The three session track will be on January 24-25, 2015 in Torrance, CA. This track will be a true working session and it would greatly benefit from having participants with as many perspectives as possible as we work through how the profession of systems engineering can contribute to achieving the goals recommended to the President in the PCAST report.

The systems engineering in healthcare workshop is laid out in three sessions: one for stakeholders providing healthcare, one addressing capabilities to "model the system" to improve effectiveness and safety, and one describing on-going efforts to create "integrating environments" that link people, systems and tools through use cases. The overall workshop concept is depicted in the attachment "IW2015 MBSE workshop concept flyer (v1_5).pdf". Some additional detail on the schedule for the workshop and the layout of the sessions can be found on the MBSE Workshop Wiki page for the Healthcare track (

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