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Upcoming Events

FloCon 2015
This open network security conference invites members of the security industry to an event featuring keynote speakers, tutorials, and conversation. Sponsors include CERT and the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon. (ID# 14-70066)
Event Date: Mon 1/12/15 - Thurs 1/15/15
Location: Portland, Oregon

ICS Security Conference
ICS invites experienced professionals, academics, practitioners, and newcomers to participate in a technical presentations, idea sharing, and training sessions. Sponsors include IBM, Cisco, and more. (ID# 14-70067)
Event Date: Tues 1/13/15 - Fri 1/16/15
Location: North Miami, FL

Scmoocon is the annual East Coast hacker convention focused on answering the toughest challenges in the infosec community. Join in for three days of security talks, speakers, and info sessions. Some topics include "Knock Knock: A Survey of iOS Authentication Methods", "The Windows Sandbox Paradox", and much more. (ID# 14-70068)
Event Date: Fri 1/16/15 - Sun 1/18/15
Location: Washington, DC

2015 International Conference on Engineering and Info Technology (ICEIT 2015)
ICEIT 2015 strives to provide a forum and environment for scholars, professionals, academics, and graduate student to present latest research findings and give peer review and feedback. (ID# 14-70069)
Event Date: Mon 1/19/15 - Wed 1/21/15
Location: Singapore

Sparklecon 2.0
Determined to change the perception of hacker conventions, Sparklecon 2.0 is a free event inviting beginners to experts in the security field. Topics to be discussed include "Locks and Physical Security", "Infosec, Wifi, and Crypto", and "Hardware and Electronics". (ID# 14-70070)
Event Date: Fri 1/23/15 - Sun 1/25/15
Location: Fullerton, CA

OWASP AppSec California
California's leading app security conference, AppSec, invites the best and the brightest in information security to attend, speak, and discuss. Keynote speakers include Yahoo's InfoSec Vice President, Security Engineer at Twitter, and more. Events will cover topics in secure app building, Advanced Web Exploitation, .NET reversing and exploitation, and much more. (ID# 14-70071)
Event Date: Mon 1/26/15 - Wed 1/28/15
Location: Santa Monica, CA

Financial Cryptography and Data Security 2015
This conferences focuses on the critical importance of securing transactions and systems. This event invites security and cryptography researchers, experts, and practitioners, as well as economists, policy-makers, and members of commercial industry concerned about vulnerabilities in current methods of transaction. Several workshops, speaker sessions, presentations, and panels will be held. (ID# 14-70072)
Event Date: Mon 1/26/15 - Fri 1/30/15
Location: InterContinental San Juan Hotel, Puerto Rico

ISSA CISO Forum 2015
The topic of this year's event is "InfoSec and Legal Collaboration", and invites leaders in information security, law, and privacy to join the conversation about changes to information security practices. Executive roundtables, speaker sessions, and panels will be featured. (ID# 14-70073)
Event Date: Thurs 1/29/15 - Fri 1/30/15
Location: Atlanta, GA

NEDForum London
NEDForum will focus on the Darknet, threat intelligence, attack detection, and cyber risk mitigation. Is the Darknet opening up new doors for companies to benefit from? What are the commercial and legal implications and, if any, repercussions of Darknet sites? Speakers include McAfee Chief Technology Officer, London Police Commissioner, and more. (ID# 14-70074)
Event Date: Fri 1/30/15
Location: London, UK

DEFCON | OWASP Lucknow Information Security Meet 2015
DEFCON Lucknow is a DEFCON registered convention inviting all infosec enthusiasts, researchers, hackers, coders, netsec professionals, web developers, students, government, and industry. The event will feature keynote speakers, technical talks, and networking opportunities. (ID# 14-70075)
Event Date: Thurs 2/22/15
Location: The Grand JBR, Lucknow, India

SANS Cyber Threat Intelligence Summit
This two day event focuses on enabling organizations to better prepare, detect, analyze, and defend against cyber threat and attacks. Speakers include cybersecurity expert Brian Krebs, training courses, and information sessions and discussions. (ID# 14-70076)
Event Date: Mon 2/2/15 - Mon 2/9/15
Location: Washington DC

Nullcon Conference 2015
Nullcon serves as a space for industry professionals, members of academia, scholars, and interested parties to exchange information on the latest attack vectors, zero day vulnerabilities, and unknown threats. (ID# 14-70077)
Event Date: Wed 2/4/15 - Thurs 2/5/15
Location: Goa, India


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