Visible to the public SimRT: An Automated Framework to Support Regression Testing for Data Races

TitleSimRT: An Automated Framework to Support Regression Testing for Data Races
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsYu, Tingting, Srisa-an, Witawas, Rothermel, Gregg
Conference NameInternational Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE) 2014,
Conference LocationHyderabad, India
Keywordsand empirical study, concurrency faults, multithreading, regression testing, Software dependability

Concurrent programs are prone to various classes of difficult-to- detect faults, of which data races are particularly prevalent. Prior work has attempted to increase the cost-effectiveness of approaches for testing for data races by employing race detection techniques, but to date, no work has considered cost-effective approaches for re-testing for races as programs evolve. In this paper we present SIMRT, an automated regression testing framework for use in de- tecting races introduced by code modifications. SIMRT employs a regression test selection technique, focused on sets of program ele- ments related to race detection, to reduce the number of test cases that must be run on a changed program to detect races that occur due to code modifications, and it employs a test case prioritiza- tion technique to improve the rate at which such races are detected. Our empirical study of SIMRT reveals that it is more efficient and effective for revealing races than other approaches, and that its con- stituent test selection and prioritization components each contribute to its performance.

Citation Keynode-17120