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Upcoming Events

Mark your calendars! This section features a wide variety of upcoming security-related conferences, workshops, symposiums, competitions, and events happening in the United States and the world. This list also includes several past events with links to proceedings or summaries of the actual activities.

Note: The events may also be found on the SoS Calendar, located by clicking the 'Calendar' tab on the left-hand navigation bar.

NEDForum London
This event's topic is "What Can We Learn from the Darknet", with applications to threat intelligence, attack detection, and commercial. Though Darknet presents a threat to companies, law, individuals, and society, some are seeing the profitable side to Darknet, such as Facebook and their recently opened Darknet site. The conference will feature many speaker sessions and a panel discussion. (ID# 14-70093)
Event Date: Fri 1/30/15
Location: Central London, UK

Suits and Spooks
This event invites security leaders from public, private, defense, law enforcement, and intelligence to attend and engage in discussion about the most current security challenges. The limited audience makes this conference unique, and offers an environment for peers to engage, discuss, network, and debate the key issues in cybersecurity. This event will feature workshops, panel discussions, presentations, and more. Issues to be discussed include cryptocurrencies, Ukraine's role in cyberwarfare, the Sony hack, and more. (ID# 14-70094)
Event Date: Wed 2/4/15 - Thurs 2/5/15
Location: Ritz Carlton Hotel, Washington D.C.
ICSS 2015

Organized by the B-CCentre (Belgian Cybercrime Centre of Excellence for Training, Research, and Education) and KU Leuven, this event presents high level key speakers, as well as latest developments and innovations in the field of cybersecurity. Experts from the police, Cybercrime Centres of Excellence, and European member state magistrates have been invited. (ID# 14-70095)
Event Date: Wed 2/4/15 - Thurs 2/5/15
Location: Leuven, Belgium

Salt Lake City Tech-Security Conference
This conference invites industry experts and peers to engage in current security issues, topics including email security, VoIP, LAN security, wireless security, USB drives security, and more. 25-30 vendor exhibits will be presents, and the conference features speaker sessions, networking opportunities, and giveaways. (ID# 14-70096)
Event Date: Thurs 2/5/15
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

UK Energy Cyber Security Executive Forum
This event invites CEOs, CISOs, Heads of Digital Risk, CIOs, Chief Risk Officers, and risk personnel to join the discussion about cyber threats to the energy sector. This strategic and practice-driven summit focuses on risk minimization, standards, resiliency, and more. Topics include cybercrime in the oil and gas industry, management of data security breaches, and more. (ID# 14-70097)
Event Date: 2/5/14
Location: London, England

The International Conference on Information Systems Security and Privacy invites industry leaders, security researchers, academics, and practitioners to collaborate on the technical and social challenges in privacy and security today. The conference areas are divided into categories: Data and Software Security, Trust, Privacy and Confidentiality, Mobile Systems Security, and Biometric Authentication. The events will feature keynote speakers, demos, tutorials, paper presentations, and more. (ID# 14-70098
Event Date: Mon 2/9/15 -Wed 2/11/15
Location: ESEO, Angers, Loire Valley, France

2015 Cyber Risk Insights Conference
This event features an expert panel of leaders in network security, regulation, law, risk management, and cyber risk assurance. This event encourages risk managers, CISOs, CROs, underwriters, reinsurers, and other risk professionals to participate in this collaborative learning experience. (ID# 14-70099)
Event Date: Tues 2/10/15
Location: The Willis Building, London, England

AFCEA West 2015
This three-day event is known as the premier Sea Services event with particular interest in Asia-Pacific operations. This event will feature emerging systems, platforms, technologies, and networks. This event is sponsored by SAIC, Oracle, Samsung, Northrop Grumman, and more, and is free to all military and government personnel. (ID# 14-70100)
Event Date: Tues 2/10/15 - Thurs 2/12/15
Location: San Diego, CA

10th Annual ICS Security Summit
This summit is designed to be a learning experience, featuring workshops and seminars with industry experts on attacker techniques, testing approaches in ICS, and defense capability in ICS environments. The summit will offer hands-on training courses. (ID# 14-70101)
Event Date: Sun 2/22/15 - Fri 3/2/15
Location: Orlando, FL

Connected World 2015
In partnership with the University of Alabama at Birmingham's center for Information Assurance and Join Forensics Research, this conference invites industry leaders, government, and academia. This conference will include notable speakers, exhibits, and discussions concerning security and connected devices. (ID# 14-70102)
Event Date: Mon 2/23/15 - Tues 2/24/15
Location: Birmingham Marriott, Alabama

BSidesNOLA 2015
Join fellow pentesters and security experts in NOLA for the BSides NOLA conference. Individuals are invited to present and participate in discussions, demos, conversation, speaker sessions, and more with information security community members. This year, Chris Rohlf, head of penetration testing efforts inside Yahoo, will be speaking on large-scale offensive computer operations. (ID# 14-70103)
Event Date: Sat 5/30/15
Location: Hilton Garden Inn New Orleans Convention Center, New Orleans LA



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