Visible to the public Distributed Semantic Discovery for Web-of-Things Enabled Smart Buildings

TitleDistributed Semantic Discovery for Web-of-Things Enabled Smart Buildings
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsBovet, G., Hennebert, J.
Conference NameNew Technologies, Mobility and Security (NTMS), 2014 6th International Conference on
Date PublishedMarch
Keywordsactuator, data invocation, distributed semantic discovery protocols, home automation, Internet of Things, interoperability, intrinsic properties, knowledge automatic assimilation, Ontologies, ontologies (artificial intelligence), ontology covering heterogeneous sensor, open systems, Resource description framework, semantic sensor Web of Things, Semantics, Sensors, service invocation, smart building, Smart buildings, software architecture, web services, Wireless sensor networks

Nowadays, our surrounding environment is more and more scattered with various types of sensors. Due to their intrinsic properties and representation formats, they form small islands isolated from each other. In order to increase interoperability and release their full capabilities, we propose to represent devices descriptions including data and service invocation with a common model allowing to compose mashups of heterogeneous sensors. Pushing this paradigm further, we also propose to augment service descriptions with a discovery protocol easing automatic assimilation of knowledge. In this work, we describe the architecture supporting what can be called a Semantic Sensor Web-of-Things. As proof of concept, we apply our proposal to the domain of smart buildings, composing a novel ontology covering heterogeneous sensing, actuation and service invocation. Our architecture also emphasizes on the energetic aspect and is optimized for constrained environments.

Citation Key6814015