Visible to the public Building Trust in the Human?Internet of Things Relationship

TitleBuilding Trust in the Human?Internet of Things Relationship
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsKounelis, I., Baldini, G., Neisse, R., Steri, G., Tallacchini, M., Guimaraes Pereira, A.
JournalTechnology and Society Magazine, IEEE
Date Publishedwinter
Keywordsdigital systems, Internet of Things, Internet of Things relationship, IoT technologies, model-based approach, privacy, prototype implementation, security, Senior citizens, Smart homes, Trust management, Trusted Computing, trusted human-IoT relations

Our vision in this paper is that agency, as the individual ability to intervene and tailor the system, is a crucial element in building trust in IoT technologies. Following up on this vision, we will first address the issue of agency, namely the individual capability to adopt free decisions, as a relevant driver in building trusted human-IoT relations, and how agency should be embedded in digital systems. Then we present the main challenges posed by existing approaches to implement this vision. We show then our proposal for a model-based approach that realizes the agency concept, including a prototype implementation.

Citation Key6969184