Visible to the public Survivable SCADA Via Intrusion-Tolerant Replication

TitleSurvivable SCADA Via Intrusion-Tolerant Replication
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsKirsch, J., Goose, S., Amir, Y., Dong Wei, Skare, P.
JournalSmart Grid, IEEE Transactions on
Date PublishedJan
KeywordsClocks, cyber attack, Cyber Attacks, Fault tolerance, intrusion-tolerant protocols, intrusion-tolerant replication, Libraries, Monitoring, performance degradation, production engineering computing, Protocols, reliability, resilience, SCADA architecture, SCADA systems, security of data, Servers, survivability, survivable SCADA system, Synchronization

Providers of critical infrastructure services strive to maintain the high availability of their SCADA systems. This paper reports on our experience designing, architecting, and evaluating the first survivable SCADA system-one that is able to ensure correct behavior with minimal performance degradation even during cyber attacks that compromise part of the system. We describe the challenges we faced when integrating modern intrusion-tolerant protocols with a conventional SCADA architecture and present the techniques we developed to overcome these challenges. The results illustrate that our survivable SCADA system not only functions correctly in the face of a cyber attack, but that it also processes in excess of 20 000 messages per second with a latency of less than 30 ms, making it suitable for even large-scale deployments managing thousands of remote terminal units.

Citation Key6576306