Visible to the public Cyber-related risk assessment and critical asset identification in power grids

TitleCyber-related risk assessment and critical asset identification in power grids
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsFarzan, F., Jafari, M.A., Wei, D., Lu, Y.
Conference NameInnovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference (ISGT), 2014 IEEE PES
Date PublishedFeb
KeywordsAHP, analytic hierarchy process, analytical hierarchy process, asset reliability, Automation, automation system, cost vulnerability, critical asset identification, critical substation identification, cyber hackers, cyber related risk assessment, cyber security, cyber vulnerability, electrical power grids, Indexes, Intrusion detection, malicious, Modeling, N-1 contingent analysis, optimal placing security, power grid, power grids, power system reliability, power system security, reliability, risk analysis, risk assessment, risk index, risk methodology, second pass engine, security, substation, substation automation, substation level, substation vulnerability, Substations, two-pass engine model

This paper proposes a methodology to assess cyber-related risks and to identify critical assets both at power grid and substation levels. The methodology is based on a two-pass engine model. The first pass engine is developed to identify the most critical substation(s) in a power grid. A mixture of Analytical hierarchy process (AHP) and (N-1) contingent analysis is used to calculate risks. The second pass engine is developed to identify risky assets within a substation and improve the vulnerability of a substation against the intrusion and malicious acts of cyber hackers. The risk methodology uniquely combines asset reliability, vulnerability and costs of attack into a risk index. A methodology is also presented to improve the overall security of a substation by optimally placing security agent(s) on the automation system.

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