Visible to the public Convergence of physical system and cyber system modeling methods for aviation cyber physical control system

TitleConvergence of physical system and cyber system modeling methods for aviation cyber physical control system
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsLichen Zhang
Conference NameInformation and Automation (ICIA), 2014 IEEE International Conference on
Date PublishedJuly
KeywordsAADL, ACPS design, aerospace computing, aerospace control, Aircraft, aircraft system modeling, aircraft system specification, Analytical models, Architecture Analysis & Design Language, Atmospheric modeling, aviation cyber physical control system, Aviation Cyber Physical System, aviation cyber-physical system design, aviation cyber-physical systems, aviation system convergence, computational design concern, convergence, cyber physical systems, cyber system modeling method, design disciplines, Dynamic Continuous Features, formal specification, management problem, Mathematical model, model-integrated development approach, Modelica, Modelicaml, physical design concern, physical system modeling method, Spatial-Temporal Features, Unified modeling language

Recent attention to aviation cyber physical systems (ACPS) is driven by the need for seamless integration of design disciplines that dominate physical world and cyber world convergence. System convergence is a big obstacle to good aviation cyber-physical system (ACPS) design, which is due to a lack of an adequate scientific theoretical foundation for the subject. The absence of a good understanding of the science of aviation system convergence is not due to neglect, but rather due to its difficulty. Most complex aviation system builders have abandoned any science or engineering discipline for system convergence they simply treat it as a management problem. Aviation System convergence is almost totally absent from software engineering and engineering curricula. Hence, system convergence is particularly challenging in ACPS where fundamentally different physical and computational design concerns intersect. In this paper, we propose an integrated approach to handle System convergence of aviation cyber physical systems based on multi-dimensions, multi-views, multi-paradigm and multiple tools. This model-integrated development approach addresses the development needs of cyber physical systems through the pervasive use of models, and physical world, cyber world can be specified and modeled together, cyber world and physical world can be converged entirely, and cyber world models and physical world model can be integrated seamlessly. The effectiveness of the approach is illustrated by means of one practical case study: specifying and modeling Aircraft Systems. In this paper, We specify and model Aviation Cyber-Physical Systems with integrating Modelica, Modelicaml and Architecture Analysis & Design Language (AADL), the physical world is modeled by Modelica and Modelicaml, the cyber part is modeled by AADL and Modelicaml.

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