Visible to the public An Open S-BPM Runtime Environment Based on Abstract State Machines

TitleAn Open S-BPM Runtime Environment Based on Abstract State Machines
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsLerchner, H., Stary, C.
Conference NameBusiness Informatics (CBI), 2014 IEEE 16th Conference on
Date PublishedJuly
Keywordsabstract interpreter model, Abstract State Machine, abstract state machine interpreter, Abstracts, Analytical models, ASM approach, Business, business data processing, business process modeling, CoreASM, Engines, executable workflow engine, finite state machines, Mathematical model, Open S-BPM runtime environment, Open-S-BPM, program interpreters, S-BPM model, S-BPM tools, Semantics, subject-oriented BPM, Subject-oriented Business Process Management, workflow engine, workflow management software

The paradigm shift from traditional BPM to Subject-oriented BPM (S-BPM) is accounted to identifying independently acting subjects. As such, they can perform arbitrary actions on arbitrary objects. Abstract State Machines (ASMs) work on a similar basis. Exploring their capabilities with respect to representing and executing S-BPM models strengthens the theoretical foundations of S-BPM, and thus, validity of S-BPM tools. Moreover it enables coherent intertwining of business process modeling with executing of S-BPM representations. In this contribution we introduce the framework and roadmap tackling the exploration of the ASM approach in the context of S-BPM. We also report the major result, namely the implementation of an executable workflow engine with an Abstract State Machine interpreter based on an existing abstract interpreter model for S-BPM (applying the ASM refinement concept). This workflow engine serves as a baseline and reference implementation for further language and processing developments, such as simulation tools, as it has been developed within the Open-S-BPM initiative.

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