Visible to the public A characterization of uncoordinated frequency hopping for wireless secrecy

TitleA characterization of uncoordinated frequency hopping for wireless secrecy
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsSa Sousa, J., Vilela, J.P.
Conference NameWireless and Mobile Networking Conference (WMNC), 2014 7th IFIP
Date PublishedMay
Keywordscommunication secrecy level, cryptography, Interference, jamming, radio receivers, radio transmitters, secret-key exchange, security, spread spectrum communication, spread spectrum scheme, telecommunication security, Throughput, Time-frequency Analysis, uncoordinated frequency hopping characterization, Wireless communication, wireless secrecy, wireless transmissions

We characterize the secrecy level of communication under Uncoordinated Frequency Hopping, a spread spectrum scheme where a transmitter and a receiver randomly hop through a set of frequencies with the goal of deceiving an adversary. In our work, the goal of the legitimate parties is to land on a given frequency without the adversary eavesdroppers doing so, therefore being able to communicate securely in that period, that may be used for secret-key exchange. We also consider the effect on secrecy of the availability of friendly jammers that can be used to obstruct eavesdroppers by causing them interference. Our results show that tuning the number of frequencies and adding friendly jammers are effective countermeasures against eavesdroppers.

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