Visible to the public Cloud-based mobile IPTV terminal for video surveillance

TitleCloud-based mobile IPTV terminal for video surveillance
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsHassan, M.M., Hossain, M.A., Al-Qurishi, M.
Conference NameAdvanced Communication Technology (ICACT), 2014 16th International Conference on
Date PublishedFeb
KeywordsCameras, cloud computing, cloud-based mobile IPTV terminal, Internet protocol television, IPTV, Mobile communication, mobile devices, mobile television, mobile terminal, Servers, Streaming media, surveillance operators, surveillance video streams monitoring, video surveillance, video surveillance facilities distribution

Surveillance video streams monitoring is an important task that the surveillance operators usually carry out. The distribution of video surveillance facilities over multiple premises and the mobility of surveillance users requires that they are able to view surveillance video seamlessly from their mobile devices. In order to satisfy this requirement, we propose a cloud-based IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) solution that leverages the power of cloud infrastructure and the benefits of IPTV technology to seamlessly deliver surveillance video content on different client devices anytime and anywhere. The proposed mechanism also supports user-controlled frame rate adjustment of video streams and sharing of these streams with other users. In this paper, we describe the overall approach of this idea, address and identify key technical challenges for its practical implementation. In addition, initial experimental results were presented to justify the viability of the proposed cloud-based IPTV surveillance framework over the traditional IPTV surveillance approach.

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