Visible to the public Performance evaluation of security mechanisms in RAOLSR protocol for Wireless Mesh Networks

TitlePerformance evaluation of security mechanisms in RAOLSR protocol for Wireless Mesh Networks
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsSaavedra Benitez, Y.I., Ben-Othman, J., Claude, J.-P.
Conference NameCommunications (ICC), 2014 IEEE International Conference on
Date PublishedJune
ISBN Number978-1-4799-2003-7
Keywordscryptography, delays, digital signatures, ECDSA-RAOLSR protocols, elliptic curve digital signature algorithm, hello messages, IBE, IBE-RAOLSR protocols, identity based encryption, IEEE 802.11 Standards, network simulator-3 simulations, radio aware optimized link state routing, Routing, Routing Protocol, Routing protocols, security, security mechanisms, telecommunication control, telecommunication network topology, topology control, wireless mesh networks, WMN

In this paper, we have proposed the IBE-RAOLSR and ECDSA-RAOLSR protocols for WMNs (Wireless Mesh Networks), which contributes to security routing protocols. We have implemented the IBE (Identity Based Encryption) and ECDSA (Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm) methods to secure messages in RAOLSR (Radio Aware Optimized Link State Routing), namely TC (Topology Control) and Hello messages. We then compare the ECDSA-based RAOLSR with IBE-based RAOLSR protocols. This study shows the great benefits of the IBE technique in securing RAOLSR protocol for WMNs. Through extensive ns-3 (Network Simulator-3) simulations, results have shown that the IBE-RAOLSR outperforms the ECDSA-RAOLSR in terms of overhead and delay. Simulation results show that the utilize of the IBE-based RAOLSR provides a greater level of security with light overhead.

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