Visible to the public Resilient wireless communication networking for Smart grid BAN

TitleResilient wireless communication networking for Smart grid BAN
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsTsado, Y., Lund, D., Gamage, K.
Conference NameEnergy Conference (ENERGYCON), 2014 IEEE International
Date PublishedMay
Keywordsbackbone networks, building area network, control centre, demand response function, distribution level, DR communication, end to end delay, home area network, home automation, home networks, hybrid deployment, IEEE 802.11 communication technology, IEEE 802.11 Standards, Infrastructure mode, infrastructure mode smart meter network, infrastructure single hop topology, mesh multiple hop topology, Multi-hop mesh network, network failure, network reliability, Network security, Network topology, Redundancy, resilience, resilient wireless communication networking, round trip time, RTT, sensor placement, Single-hop network, smart grid BAN, Smart grids, smart meters, smart power grids, telecommunication network reliability, telecommunication network topology, telecommunication security, Wireless communication, wireless LAN, wireless technology

The concept of Smart grid technology sets greater demands for reliability and resilience on communications infrastructure. Wireless communication is a promising alternative for distribution level, Home Area Network (HAN), smart metering and even the backbone networks that connect smart grid applications to control centres. In this paper, the reliability and resilience of smart grid communication network is analysed using the IEEE 802.11 communication technology in both infrastructure single hop and mesh multiple-hop topologies for smart meters in a Building Area Network (BAN). Performance of end to end delay and Round Trip Time (RTT) of an infrastructure mode smart meter network for Demand Response (DR) function is presented. Hybrid deployment of these network topologies is also suggested to provide resilience and redundancy in the network during network failure or when security of the network is circumvented. This recommendation can also be deployed in other areas of the grid where wireless technologies are used. DR communication from consumer premises is used to show the performance of an infrastructure mode smart metering network.

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