Visible to the public A new tool for lightweight encryption on android

TitleA new tool for lightweight encryption on android
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsVerma, S., Pal, S.K., Muttoo, S.K.
Conference NameAdvance Computing Conference (IACC), 2014 IEEE International
Date PublishedFeb
KeywordsAES encryption scheme, android, Android platform, block ciphers, C language, Ciphers, confidential data, cryptographic algorithms, cryptographic key, cryptography, DES encryption scheme, Encryption, Hummingbird-2 scheme, HummingBird2, Information security, information security risk, Java native interface, JNI, Lightweight Encryption, lightweight encryption scheme, mobile device, NCRYPT application, password based authentication, PBKDF2, PBKDF2 password based key generation method, smart phones, Standards, stream ciphers, SUN JCE cryptographic provider, Throughput

Theft or loss of a mobile device could be an information security risk as it can result in loss of con fidential personal data. Traditional cryptographic algorithms are not suitable for resource constrained and handheld devices. In this paper, we have developed an efficient and user friendly tool called "NCRYPT" on Android platform. "NCRYPT" application is used to secure the data at rest on Android thus making it inaccessible to unauthorized users. It is based on lightweight encryption scheme i.e. Hummingbird-2. The application provides secure storage by making use of password based authentication so that an adversary cannot access the confidential data stored on the mobile device. The cryptographic key is derived through the password based key generation method PBKDF2 from the standard SUN JCE cryptographic provider. Various tools for encryption are available in the market which are based on AES or DES encryption schemes. Ihe reported tool is based on Hummingbird-2 and is faster than most of the other existing schemes. It is also resistant to most of attacks applicable to Block and Stream Ciphers. Hummingbird-2 has been coded in C language and embedded in Android platform with the help of JNI (Java Native Interface) for faster execution. This application provides choice for en crypting the entire data on SD card or selective files on the smart phone and protect p ersonal or confidential information available in such devices.

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