Visible to the public Application H-Secure for mobile security

TitleApplication H-Secure for mobile security
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsLopes, H., Chatterjee, M.
Conference NameCircuits, Systems, Communication and Information Technology Applications (CSCITA), 2014 International Conference on
Date PublishedApril
KeywordsAES Encryption and Decryption, Android (operating system), Android smart phones, application stores, authentication, authorisation, business applications, business data, confidential business information, confidential data storage, confidential file storage, data access, decryption process, destination servers, employee-owned device, encrypted file, Encryption, encryption key, free-download apps, free-download content, Graphical Password, graphical user interfaces, H-Secure application, invasive software, malicious code, Malware, Mobile communication, mobile computing, Mobile handsets, mobile operating system, mobile operating systems, mobile security applications, open devices, personal data, private key cryptography, Servers, smart phones, unauthorized person, Web server

Mobile security is as critical as the PIN number on our ATM card or the lock on our front door. More than our phone itself, the information inside needs safeguarding as well. Not necessarily for scams, but just peace of mind. Android seems to have attracted the most attention from malicious code writers due to its popularity. The flexibility to freely download apps and content has fueled the explosive growth of smart phones and mobile applications but it has also introduced a new risk factor. Malware can mimic popular applications and transfer contacts, photos and documents to unknown destination servers. There is no way to disable the application stores on mobile operating systems. Fortunately for end-users, our smart phones are fundamentally open devices however they can quite easily be hacked. Enterprises now provide business applications on these devices. As a result, confidential business information resides on employee-owned device. Once an employee quits, the mobile operating system wipe-out is not an optimal solution as it will delete both business and personal data. Here we propose H-Secure application for mobile security where one can store their confidential data and files in encrypted form. The encrypted file and encryption key are stored on a web server so that unauthorized person cannot access the data. If user loses the mobile then he can login into web and can delete the file and key to stop further decryption process.

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