Visible to the public Bluetooth technology: ApXLglevel end-to-end security

TitleBluetooth technology: ApXLglevel end-to-end security
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsBheemeswara Rao, K.V., Ravi, N., Phani Bhushan, R., Pramod Kumar, K., Venkataraman, S.
Conference NameCommunications and Signal Processing (ICCSP), 2014 International Conference on
Date PublishedApril
KeywordsAndroid operating system, ANSI C language, application-layer framework, ApXLglevel end-to-end security, audio streaming, authentication, authorisation, Binary Payload, Bluetooth, Bluetooth security specification, Bluetooth technology, C language, communication technologies, computer network reliability, computer network security, computing technologies, confidentiality, configurable add-on devices, cryptographic service providers, cryptography, customizable add-on devices, data confidentiality, data integrity, embedded appliances, Encryption, file transfer, framework compatibility, framework reliability, Indexes, Java, Java language, Mobile communication, Mobile Phone, MS-Windows 7 operating system, music streaming, NIST Guide, operating system, operating systems (computers), PAN, personal area network, personal area networks, privacy concern, programming languages, Satellites, security concern, smart phones, strong mutual authentication

The innovations in communication and computing technologies are changing the way we carry-out the tasks in our daily lives. These revolutionary and disrupting technologies are available to the users in various hardware form-factors like Smart Phones, Embedded Appliances, Configurable or Customizable add-on devices, etc. One such technology is Bluetooth [1], which enables the users to communicate and exchange various kinds of information like messages, audio, streaming music and file transfer in a Personal Area Network (PAN). Though it enables the user to carry-out these kinds of tasks without much effort and infrastructure requirements, they inherently bring with them the security and privacy concerns, which need to be addressed at different levels. In this paper, we present an application-layer framework, which provides strong mutual authentication of applications, data confidentiality and data integrity independent of underlying operating system. It can make use of the services of different Cryptographic Service Providers (CSP) on different operating systems and in different programming languages. This framework has been successfully implemented and tested on Android Operating System on one end (using Java language) and MS-Windows 7 Operating System on the other end (using ANSI C language), to prove the framework's reliability/compatibility across OS, Programming Language and CSP. This framework also satisfies the three essential requirements of Security, i.e. Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability, as per the NIST Guide to Bluetooth Security specification and enables the developers to suitably adapt it for different kinds of applications based on Bluetooth Technology.

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