Visible to the public Synergetic cloaking technique in wireless network for location privacy

TitleSynergetic cloaking technique in wireless network for location privacy
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsJagdale, B.N., Bakal, J.W.
Conference NameIndustrial and Information Systems (ICIIS), 2014 9th International Conference on
Date PublishedDec
KeywordsAd hoc networks, ad-hoc networks, Cloaking, cloaking area sizes, Collaboration, cryptography, data privacy, Databases, Educational institutions, location based server, location privacy, location service provider, location-based services, mobile ad hoc networks, Mobile communication, mobile devices, mobile network, mobile networks, mobile users, mobility management (mobile radio), Performance, privacy, probability, query originator, query sender, Servers, synergetic cloaking technique, telecommunication security, telecommunication services, user privacy, wireless network

Mobile users access location services from a location based server. While doing so, the user's privacy is at risk. The server has access to all details about the user. Example the recently visited places, the type of information he accesses. We have presented synergetic technique to safeguard location privacy of users accessing location-based services via mobile devices. Mobile devices have a capability to form ad-hoc networks to hide a user's identity and position. The user who requires the service is the query originator and who requests the service on behalf of query originator is the query sender. The query originator selects the query sender with equal probability which leads to anonymity in the network. The location revealed to the location service provider is a rectangle instead of exact co-ordinate. In this paper we have simulated the mobile network and shown the results for cloaking area sizes and performance against the variation in the density of users.

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