Visible to the public Privacy-preserving channel access using blindfolded packet transmissions

TitlePrivacy-preserving channel access using blindfolded packet transmissions
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsBanerjee, D., Bo Dong, Biswas, S., Taghizadeh, M.
Conference NameCommunication Systems and Networks (COMSNETS), 2014 Sixth International Conference on
Date PublishedJan
Keywordsadd-on hardware module, anonymity, blindfolded packet transmission, channel sensing strategy, convergence, cryptography, data privacy, Equations, Google, Heating, Interference, MAC protocols, Mica2 hardware, Noise, periodic TDMA-Iike time-slot, privacy, privacy-preserving channel access anonymity, protocol, RSSI, TDMA, time division multiple access, Tinyos-2x test-bed implementation, wireless channels, wireless MAC-layer approach, Wireless sensor networks

This paper proposes a novel wireless MAC-layer approach towards achieving channel access anonymity. Nodes autonomously select periodic TDMA-like time-slots for channel access by employing a novel channel sensing strategy, and they do so without explicitly sharing any identity information with other nodes in the network. An add-on hardware module for the proposed channel sensing has been developed and the proposed protocol has been implemented in Tinyos-2.x. Extensive evaluation has been done on a test-bed consisting of Mica2 hardware, where we have studied the protocol's functionality and convergence characteristics. The functionality results collected at a sniffer node using RSSI traces validate the syntax and semantics of the protocol. Experimentally evaluated convergence characteristics from the Tinyos test-bed were also found to be satisfactory.

Citation Key6734887