Visible to the public An anonymous payment system to protect the privacy of electric vehicles

TitleAn anonymous payment system to protect the privacy of electric vehicles
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsTianyu Zhao, Chang Chen, Lingbo Wei, Mengke Yu
Conference NameWireless Communications and Signal Processing (WCSP), 2014 Sixth International Conference on
Date PublishedOct
Keywordsanonymous credential technique, anonymous payment system, authentication, automobile, Batteries, battery, battery powered vehicles, cryptography, data privacy, double spending detection, driver information systems, driver privacy, electric vehicles, electrical energy, Energy Provider Company, EPC, financial management, privacy, privacy protection, Protocols, recharging infrastructure, recharging service, Registers, secondary cells, Servers, TPM, Trusted Computing, Trusted Platform Module, Vehicles

Electric vehicle is the automobile that powered by electrical energy stored in batteries. Due to the frequent recharging, vehicles need to be connected to the recharging infrastructure while they are parked. This may disclose drivers' privacy, such as their location that drivers may want to keep secret. In this paper, we propose a scheme to enhance the privacy of the drivers using anonymous credential technique and Trusted Platform Module(TPM). We use anonymous credential technique to achieve the anonymity of vehicles such that drivers can anonymously and unlinkably recharge their vehicles. We add some attributes to the credential such as the type of the battery in the vehicle in case that the prices of different batteries are different. We use TPM to omit a blacklist such that the company that offer the recharging service(Energy Provider Company, EPC) does not need to conduct a double spending detection.

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