Visible to the public Spatio-temporal semantic enhancements for event model of cyber-physical systems

TitleSpatio-temporal semantic enhancements for event model of cyber-physical systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsYuying Wang, Xingshe Zhou
Conference NameSignal Processing, Communications and Computing (ICSPCC), 2014 IEEE International Conference on
Date PublishedAug
KeywordsAdaptation models, attribution enhancement, basic event model, BEM, CEP engine Esper, complex event process, composition determination, Computational modeling, CPS, CPS event representation, Cyber-physical systems, Data models, EIS, Embedded systems, event attribution extraction, event modeling, event process functions, event semantic, extended information set, multilevel heterogeneous embedded system, Observers, programming language semantics, semantic adaptor, Semantics, Sensor phenomena and characterization, spatio-temporal attributes, spatio-temporal event, spatio-temporal semantic enhancements

The newly emerging cyber-physical systems (CPS) discover events from multiple, distributed sources with multiple levels of detail and heterogeneous data format, which may not be compare and integrate, and turn to hardly combined determination for action. While existing efforts have mainly focused on investigating a uniform CPS event representation with spatio-temporal attributes, in this paper we propose a new event model with two-layer structure, Basic Event Model (BEM) and Extended Information Set (EIS). A BEM could be extended with EIS by semantic adaptor for spatio-temporal and other attribution enhancement. In particular, we define the event process functions, like event attribution extraction and composition determination, for CPS action trigger exploit the Complex Event Process (CEP) engine Esper. Examples show that such event model provides several advantages in terms of extensibility, flexibility and heterogeneous support, and lay the foundations of event-based system design in CPS.

Citation Key6986310