Visible to the public Analytical Network Process based model to estimate the quality of software components

TitleAnalytical Network Process based model to estimate the quality of software components
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsPandey, A.K., Agrawal, C.P.
Conference NameIssues and Challenges in Intelligent Computing Techniques (ICICT), 2014 International Conference on
Date PublishedFeb
Keywordsanalytic hierarchy process, analytical network process based model, ANP, ANP based model, decision parameter attribution, decision problem, decision theory, dependency networks, final software application system, interoperability, Measurement, object-oriented programming, prioritization and software application, quality, Software component, software component quality estimation, software quality, software quality numeric value estimation, software reliability, software units, Stability analysis, usability

Software components are software units designed to interact with other independently developed software components. These components are assembled by third parties into software applications. The success of final software applications largely depends upon the selection of appropriate and easy to fit components in software application according to the need of customer. It is primary requirement to evaluate the quality of components before using them in the final software application system. All the quality characteristics may not be of same significance for a particular software application of a specific domain. Therefore, it is necessary to identify only those characteristics/ sub-characteristics, which may have higher importance over the others. Analytical Network Process (ANP) is used to solve the decision problem, where attributes of decision parameters form dependency networks. The objective of this paper is to propose ANP based model to prioritize the characteristics /sub-characteristics of quality and to o estimate the numeric value of software quality.

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