Visible to the public An efficient data security system for group data sharing in cloud system environment

TitleAn efficient data security system for group data sharing in cloud system environment
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsMercy, S.S., Srikanth, G.U.
Conference NameInformation Communication and Embedded Systems (ICICES), 2014 International Conference on
Date PublishedFeb
KeywordsAccess Control, authentication, authorisation, Authorization, cloud computing, cloud data centres, cloud system environment, confidentiality, cryptography, data encryption, data privacy, data security advanced encryption standard algorithm, document conservation, document handling, document security, Document Sharing, Dynamic Group, efficient data security system, Encryption, Group Authorization, group data sharing, group revocation advanced encryption standard scheme, group user identity confidentiality, group user membership change, Internet connection reliability, privacy concern, proficient document sharing, sensitive information storage, Servers, software maintenance, software reliability

Cloud Computing delivers the service to the users by having reliable internet connection. In the secure cloud, services are stored and shared by multiple users because of less cost and data maintenance. Sharing the data is the vital intention of cloud data centres. On the other hand, storing the sensitive information is the privacy concern of the cloud. Cloud service provider has to protect the stored client's documents and applications in the cloud by encrypting the data to provide data integrity. Designing proficient document sharing among the group members in the cloud is the difficult task because of group user membership change and conserving document and group user identity confidentiality. To propose the fortified data sharing scheme in secret manner for providing efficient group revocation Advanced Encryption Standard scheme is used. Proposed System contributes efficient group authorization, authentication, confidentiality and access control and document security. To provide more data security Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm is used to encrypt the document. By asserting security and confidentiality in this proficient method securely share the document among the multiple cloud user.

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