Visible to the public Entity title architecture extensions towards advanced quality-oriented mobility control capabilities

TitleEntity title architecture extensions towards advanced quality-oriented mobility control capabilities
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsSilva, F., Castillo-Lema, J., Neto, A., Silva, F., Rosa, P., Corujo, D., Guimaraes, C., Aguiar, R.
Conference NameComputers and Communication (ISCC), 2014 IEEE Symposium on
Date PublishedJune
Keywordsactive session flows, advanced quality-oriented mobility control capabilities, beyond-IP networking services, delays, distinct applications scenario, entity title architecture extensions, ETArch, FI, future Internet clean slate approach, Handover, handover setup, information-centric entity title architecture, Internet, Manganese, MATLAB, mobile computing, mobile devices, Mobile handsets, mobile multimedia networking, mobility management (mobile radio), Multimedia communication, networking functions, PoA, PoA candidates, point of attachment decision, quality of service, session quality requirements, Streaming media, Wireless communication, wireless communication systems, wireless quality conditions

The emergence of new technologies, in addition with the popularization of mobile devices and wireless communication systems, demands a variety of requirements that current Internet is not able to comply adequately. In this scenario, the innovative information-centric Entity Title Architecture (ETArch), a Future Internet (FI) clean slate approach, was design to efficiently cope with the increasing demand of beyond-IP networking services. Nevertheless, despite all ETArch capabilities, it was not projected with reliable networking functions, which limits its operability in mobile multimedia networking, and will seriously restrict its scope in Future Internet scenarios. Therefore, our work extends ETArch mobility control with advanced quality-oriented mobility functions, to deploy mobility prediction, Point of Attachment (PoA) decision and handover setup meeting both session quality requirements of active session flows and current wireless quality conditions of neighbouring PoA candidates. The effectiveness of the proposed additions were confirmed through a preliminary evaluation carried out by MATLAB, in which we have considered distinct applications scenario, and showed that they were able to outperform the most relevant alternative solutions in terms of performance and quality of service.

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