Visible to the public Replication management and cache-aware routing in information-centric networks

TitleReplication management and cache-aware routing in information-centric networks
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsSourlas, V., Tassiulas, L.
Conference NameNetwork Operations and Management Symposium (NOMS), 2014 IEEE
Date PublishedMay
Keywordscache management, cache-aware routing, clean-slate technologies, Computer architecture, content distribution, control plane, end-to-end communication system, host-to-host Internet, information-centric approaches, information-centric networks, information-centric resources, information-centric solutions, information-centrism, Internet, missing management, native distribution network, Network topology, performance management, Planning, replication management, route management, Routing, Servers, Subscriptions, telecommunication network routing, telecommunication traffic, traffic engineering approaches, Transportation

Content distribution in the Internet places content providers in a dominant position, with delivery happening directly between two end-points, that is, from content providers to consumers. Information-Centrism has been proposed as a paradigm shift from the host-to-host Internet to a host-to-content one, or in other words from an end-to-end communication system to a native distribution network. This trend has attracted the attention of the research community, which has argued that content, instead of end-points, must be at the center stage of attention. Given this emergence of information-centric solutions, the relevant management needs in terms of performance have not been adequately addressed, yet they are absolutely essential for relevant network operations and crucial for the information-centric approaches to succeed. Performance management and traffic engineering approaches are also required to control routing, to configure the logic for replacement policies in caches and to control decisions where to cache, for instance. Therefore, there is an urgent need to manage information-centric resources and in fact to constitute their missing management and control plane which is essential for their success as clean-slate technologies. In this thesis we aim to provide solutions to crucial problems that remain, such as the management of information-centric approaches which has not yet been addressed, focusing on the key aspect of route and cache management.

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