Visible to the public The price of virtualization: Performance isolation in multi-tenants networks

TitleThe price of virtualization: Performance isolation in multi-tenants networks
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsRiggio, R., De Pellegrini, F., Siracusa, D.
Conference NameNetwork Operations and Management Symposium (NOMS), 2014 IEEE
Date PublishedMay
Keywordsaddress space isolation, Bandwidth, flow space isolation, Internet, Internet evolutionary path, Labeling, multitenants datacenter network, network virtualization, online link utilization feedback mechanism, OpenFlow protocol, Ports (Computers), resource allocation network, Resource management, Servers, Substrates, virtualisation, virtualization

Network virtualization sits firmly on the Internet evolutionary path allowing researchers to experiment with novel clean-slate designs over the production network and practitioners to manage multi-tenants infrastructures in a flexible and scalable manner. In such scenarios, isolation between virtual networks is often intended as purely logical: this is the case of address space isolation or flow space isolation. This approach neglects the effect that network virtualization has on resource allocation network-wide. In this work we investigate the price paid by a purely logical approach in terms of performance degradation. This performance loss is paid by the actual users of a multi-tenants datacenter network. We propose a solution to this problem leveraging on a new network virtualization primitive, namely an online link utilization feedback mechanism. It provides each tenant with the necessary information to make efficient use of network resources. We evaluate our solution trough a real implementation exploiting the OpenFlow protocol. Empirical results confirm that the proposed scheme is able to support tenants in exploiting virtualized network resources effectively.

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